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Mark Ardis (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Our Service in a timely fashion will allow Client to receive comprehensive information about the status of the project in the form of reports.

Report generation is performed after updating the project status down from the baseline.

The frequency of reporting is determined by the Client;

The report allows the Client to obtain information on the status of the project in a concise form.


come in “visual”

“datasheet” parts.

The datasheet part reflects the specially selected problem tasks for making management decisions on the project and allows to:

  • evaluate schedule adherence;
  • recover schedule;
  • prevent scope creeping;
  • get a guideline to follow;
  • prioritize tasks for fastest schedule recovery.

Manpower productivity report

Physical quantity of work report

The System also allows seamless project monitoring between project status updates by physical volumes’ and manpower quantities

Profit control

The profit calculates for the entire project and for any particular task as of each status date.

Project Control System features enable to:

  • generate project status reports at the approval of the project baseline, regardless of the information available in the System;
  • minimize human error;
  • control by key criteria including physical volumes, manpower quantities & productivity;
  • build reports on the physical quantity of work and manpower productivity down from the baseline;
  • set up customizable indicators;
  • evaluate the actual resource performance level (KPI);
  • balance resource utilization;
  • evaluate and (or) foresee time-phased resource loading;
  • to achieve a reasonable time-money-resource loading balance;
  • manage interfaces.
  • award extra time for management actions.

Project Control System advantages:

  • closed-loop project control approach;
  • no need for timesheets;
  • early issues warning;
  • reliable and concise reports;
  • seamless operation;
  • meeting time cut-back;
  • ability to perform remotely;

Project Control System benefits:

  • on-time project completion;
  • the decrease in contingencies;
  • bonus system improvement;
  • costs reduction due to efficient resource loading.

Project benchmarks

To assess the quality of project status:

  • custom indices;
  • schedule variance;
  • cost variance;
  • To Complete Performance Index;
  • cost – schedule Index.

To forecast project metrics:

  • time-phased resource loading (incl. finance and manpower);
  • variance at completion (projected cost overrun);
  • estimate to complete;

estimate cost at completion.