You can’t keep it all in your head. Project control tools are an absolute necessity for the control of large projects.

Louis Fried

The System provides reliable Project Control Service (a consulting arrangement). It combines the MS Project with its own exclusive know-how features. The system offers

complete time-phased data for any time frame including the entire project life cycle to manage.

System capabilities:

  • a closed-loop control approach (planning, tracking, status updating, reporting, schedule adjustments);
  • security and data privacy;
  • deployment flexibility;
  • handle both lump sum and re-measurable contracts;
  • project status assessment, regardless of the manager’s background;
  • portfolio management.

System advantages:

  • smooth and fast deployment;
  • simple, reliable and convenient;
  • reduce human errors;
  • improve workflows;
  • shorten meeting time;
  • early issues warning provides extra time to manage;
  • increase in staff commitment and accountability.

Main distinctions from competitors allow considering system, perhaps, as one-of-a-kind service:

  • quantity of works in physical terms, financial data, actuals, manpower productivity with full reference to the schedule including baseline;
  • no need for timesheets;
  • compact, custom-tailored, visual easy-to-read reports;
  • extended “plan-actual” analysis;
  • tasks arrangement for fastest schedule recovery;
  • ability to perform remotely.

System benefits:

  • on-time project completion;
  • significant revenue growth;
  • KPI assessments based on valid resource performance;
  • funding cost reduction;
  • reducing risks of unforeseen excessive costs;
  • free of charge dedicated software usage;
  • competitive service fees include deployment & operation costs;
  • competitive advantages & market value growth.