You can’t keep it all in your head. Project control tools are an absolute necessity for the control of large projects.

Louis Fried

The System provides reliable Project Control Service (a consulting arrangement), combines advantages of worldwide project management application with its own know-how features, and

allows to have comprehensive reliable information to handle the entire project life cycle.

The System is based on the project management methodology & implies an overall project closed-loop control (planning, tracking, status updating, reporting, and the calendar plan adjustments).

The System provides time-phased data for any specific time frame to plan, analyze, and control finances and resources.

System advantages:

  • no need for timesheets to track project performance;
  • data transparency, objectivity & reliability of information;
  • ability to prioritize tasks for fastest schedule recovery;
  • mitigation of human factor influence;
  • versatility, reliability, and usefulness in any kind of situation;
  • adaptability & deployment flexibility;
  • ability to deal with the quantity of works in physical terms during project planning and control stages;
  • scope scheduling & management;
  • resources scheduling & management (incl. finances and manpower);
  • ability to control physical quantity of work and manpower productivity down from the baseline;
  • early issues warning, which provides additional time for management actions;
  • increase in staff efficiency, determination to get things done;
  • promotes team building capacity;
  • workflow improvement;
  • substantial meeting time reduction;
  • input, source and actual data storage with full reference to the schedule;
  • compact, customizable, visual and easy-to-read reports;
  • ability to perform remotely;
  • data availability for plan-fact analysis;
  • project progress determination based on Client’s rules;
  • ability to load deliverables and activities per discipline, defined by the Client

System benefits:

  • on-time project completion;
  • free dedicated software utilization;
  • competitive service prices with included costs of deployment & implementation;
  • significant revenue growth;
  • financing cost reduction;
  • KPI estimation based on valid resource performance;
  • competitive advantages & market capitalization growth;
  • reducing risks of unforeseen & excessive costs due to timely mitigation actions;

The system is evidently successful for a number of reasons:

  • robust project schedule;
  • ability to plan and manage resources;
  • credible monitoring & reporting;
  • efficient plan/actual & trends analysis;
  • effective response;
  • increase in efficiency and purposefulness of the Company’s personnel.

The proposed solution has a proven track record and is unprecedented in terms of price-quality.

Project Control System itself brings in competitive advantages & an increase in Company market capitalization.

The System is unique, one-of-a-kind in its implementation, simplicity, and efficiency along with the professional expertise & experience of our Service.