Plans are worthless, but planning is indispensable.
Dwight David Eisenhower

The preplanning procedure includes:

  • project definition;
  • project organization definition;
  • workflows development & approval;

  • organizational planning;
  • roles & responsibilities definition, assignments;
  • resources calculation data sheet development to wrap up reference data as a keystone;

  • milestones list development & approval;
  • acceptable variance’s tolerance level interpretation;
  •                                          Project schedule

The proprietary planning approach remarkably reduces efforts. System performance depends on resource calculation and estimation criteria (expert, parametric, historical data).

The planning procedure includes:

  • WBS development;
  • OBS development;
  • activities dependencies definition;
  • resources assignment;
  • dependencies   & milestones definition;
  • activities duration assignment;
  • scope planning;
  • work-packages & resources assessment to meet project goals;
  • budget versus WBS based estimation compatibility cross-check;
  • “what-if” analysis;
  • resources’ optimization & leveling;
  • schedule approval.

The documents format custom-tailored in line with the Client’s demands.

Weekly Job Card

Monthly Job Card

The System compose time-phased results to plan, analyze, control, and foresee:

  • finance resources;

  • manpower loading.

Planning advantages

The Client able to:

  • take into account the org charts, object breakdown structure, contracts matter, location, etc.;
  • provide due bidding control;
  • adjust & enhance workflow performance;
  • increase in staff commitment and accountability;
  • forecast demand for resources;
  • reduce human error;
  • plan portfolio.